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Wholesome Behavior’s Hemp-Infused Nano Cannabidoil Organic Coffee is the best on the market. Our organic coffee products offer a great way to get your daily dose of Broad Spectrum Cannabiniods in a cup of Java! Whether you are trying our fresh ground roasts, K-pods or Cold Brew Concentrate Insta Packs, you will not be disappointed with the flavor!  Wholesome Behavior assures that all of our products contain the best of the best, US Farmed, Hemp-Infused Water Soluble Nano Cannabidoil. We have invested the time it takes to perfect our products, and will always bring you the freshest brews and the best results!

Beans, Glorious Beans!

Satisfy your cravings with the finest Arabica Bean Honduran coffee. We source our beans from small family owned farms high in the Honduran countryside. Our 100% Arabica beans are grown in rich soils, tropical sunshine, at high altitudes and in fresh mountain air. Each of these factors contributes to the glow of Wholesome Behavior’s always rich, never bitter brews.

Our premium beans are shipped fresh to the US and roasted to perfection at our facilities in South Florida. Quality and freshness are never sacrificed.

Wholesome Behavior is not just an amazing coffee company, it’s a way of life.


Benefits of drinking Hemp-Infused Nano
Cannabidoil coffee

  • Pain relief

  • Relieve anxiety & depression

  • Alleviate cancer symptoms

  • Neuroprotective properties

  • Benefit heart health

  • Insomnia


conducive to or suggestive of good health
and physical well-being.