Why Do We Put Nano Cannabidoil in Coffee?

Mother nature gave us coffee to wake up in the morning and perk up after lunch or dinner. She also gave us Cannabidoil to calm us down, relax our bodies and relieve pain. After giving this a lot of though, over many cups of coffee, we decide it was worth a shot to offer you something that is both a wake-up call and a calming letter in the snail mail. Well after lots of lab research and testing we made our brew achieve the results you desire!

It may seem odd to infuse Nano Cannabidoil and Coffee together, and we were confident the logic would support the dream we at Wholesome Behavior all shared. We wanted to enjoy the coffee without the jitters and later day coffee cravings. And frankly, for us, coffee is the tastiest way to get your daily dose of Nano Cannabidoil!

As luck would have it, bad luck that is, many people experience anxiety when they drink coffee, “the jitters”. Drinking too much coffee can make your mind race, your palms sweaty and your body feel anxious and shaky. Caffeine for those who didn’t know already, is the cause of those unfortunate side effects. Research and testing has proven to us that Nano Cannabidoil helps to calm those effects and bring the body to a homeostatic state.

Cannabidoil is known for its role in anti-anxiety, and Water Soluble Nano Cannabidoil is the solution to get Cannadbidoil of the highest potency and quality into your body. Nodbody wants to be twitchy and anxious all morning, they want to be alert and focused and feel great! Nano Cannabidoil in coffee provides a balanced, more steady ongoing energy flow when it is added to coffee. Nano Cannabidoil has a way of balancing the positive and desirable effects of your Java to give you the most of the good with the least of the bad.

What Does Nano Cannabidoil Do To Humans?

People take presecitpion and over the counter drugs, all the time. It is what we do. Plain and simple, the science is showing that Cannbidoil for humans has a wide array of amazing ways it can benefit a person’s health and well-being. Many of these can replace the use drugs you take now as directed.

To name a few of the amazing things we have seen Cannabidoil treat, we wanted to mention that Cannbidoil has Natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties, it can help people who suffer from Epilepsy too as well as other neurological symptoms and disorders. Canbidoil has been widely used to aid in fighting cancer. It is being used around the world to treat all types of Anxiety Disorders from Panic Attacks to PTSD. Let’s not forget the results science is seeing for patients with Alzheimer’s Disease, Type 1 Diabetes and Skin Conditions including Rosatio and Acne. Cannabidoil is also being used to help people Quit Smoking and Overcome Drug Withdrawals!

Adaptogenic substances like Cannadinoids are used in all types of herbal medicines for the claimed stabilization of physiological processes and promotion of homeostasis. Our Hemp-Infused Nano Cannabidoil coffee possesses the elements your body can use to get to your goal. Already, Cannabidoil has been proven to reduce the severity of seizures in different types of medication-resistant childhood forms of Epilepsy. This is amazing accomplishment to find these results in the medical community and of course for the children suffering from these disorders. Not that we haven’t already told you enough, but did you know that Additionally, Nano Cannabidoil is deep in the research and results stages of being proven to help heal damaged brain tissue caused by trauma.

Evidence is proving that Cannabidoil can help prevent the negative symptoms of different neurological disorders including Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. It is being used daily all over the world to treat chronic pain conditions like Fibromyalgia and Arthritis.

Other applications of Nano Cannabidoil range from helping people to deal with their anxiety, to healing skin irritations from allergic reactions to Eczema. Cannabidoil is from the Earth, and using it can help you promote Wholesome Behavior!

So What is Cannabidoil Anyways?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been recently covered in the media, and you may have even seen it as an add-in booster to your post-workout smoothie or morning coffee at the coffee shop or gym. What exactly is Cannabidoil? Why is it suddenly so popular?

Cannabidoil is one of many cannabinoids found within the cannabis sativa plant group. It is most prominent within the Hemp subspecies of cannabis. Scientists, the US Government and Consumers alike were confused because they feared that Cannibidioil by itself, was the same thing as tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. If you have been around a few years, you most likely know that THC is the one that gives the “high” effect when smoking or ingesting marijuana.

As medical marijuana has become more accepted, education around cannabis has grown exponentially. We now know that there are over 100 naturally occurring substances within the cannabis plant and only one of them, tetrahydrocannabino is psychoactive. The others have a host of amazing benefits studies are showing. Some examples include creating an appetite stimulation in cancer patients on chemotherapy and relieving anxiety for people who have panic attacks. It has been known to help with prevention of seizures and used as a pain reliever for chronic pain. span>

Cannabidoil is found in large amounts in hemp and is its most abundant cannabinoid. Like marijuana, it has many healing and therapeutic properties. However, unlike marijuana, it produces no high or stoned effect when used. For you and for us, this is a Win-Win.

How Do We Infuse Nano Cannabidoil With Our Coffee?

Well, Cannabidoil can come in several forms when purchased for use in products and food “ingestibles”. Oils, Islotated Powders, and also Nano Water Soluble forms “Liquid”. It is not so easy to get it to infuse with coffee. It also by itself has a strong taste that is not appealing in your coffee, and FLAVOR is key. After about 18 months of research and development, we did continuous tests on a wide variety of types of beans from different countries and regions.

We tested different elevations, roasting temperatures, gas and acidity, settling times and so much more. We needed to perfect the process of effectively adding an ingestible to coffee and with testing we settled on using a Water Soluble Cannibidoil.

It’s not a complicated process once you learn the way to make it work. We will try to break it down briefly. Drumroll please… We added our Water Soluble Cannadiol to our coffee grounds and tumble them in our lab. Once all the grounds are infused, we let it dry properly and bag it, add it to our Coffee Pods or insert it into our Single Serve Coffee Instas packets. So yeah, two steps. It really just boils down to putting in the proper dosage to get the proper results in the coffee cup when brewed.

For Nano Cannabidoil to be ingsted properly to our digestive systems, and then our bloodstreams, it needs to end up in your body after it is brewed. We are proud to provide an effective way to add your daily does of Cannbidoil to your vitamin regiment and diet. For a coffee lover, we encourage you to practice Wholesome Behavior and let Mother Nature do the rest.span>